The Hate and Personal Attacks Must Stop on Facebook

facebookThe South Shore Press news/editorial team stands by its 8/30/17 editorial calling on Josh Slaughter to take a leave from his current county job while campaigning for the County Legislaure.
Josh Slaughter, chief of staff to Legislator Kate Browning and Democratic Party choice for 3rd district Legislator was the only person in the photo at the grand opening. No other community leader, chamber leader or elected official participated.
Josh Slaughter attended this, wrote the press release on county letterhead and on county computer and from county office and sent it to the media with county equipment and on county time. He was campaigning plain and simple. Those are the facts.
To date the South Shore Press digital site has had over 8,300 reads on this article. A South Shore Press digital record
The rest of the nonsense that has been posted on Facebook does not deserve our response and doesn’t change the fact that Josh is operating his campaign out of a governmental office. This is illegal. This should stop and Josh should take a leave of absence.
We appreciate comments from readers in our letters to editor section and on Facebook that are positive and negative. However the personal attacks, the fighting between each other and the hate being posted about people must stop and will not be printed or allowed.
Thank you.
– By News/Editorial Department


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