Obituaries September 6, 2017

JOSEPH F. CAROLLO, 67, of Shirley, died suddenly at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital on September 1, 2017. Joseph was born in Bayside, Queens. He served honorably in the United States Army during the Viet Nam War. He was a hundred percent disabled veteran. His career as a private investigator was very interesting. He was an avid gun collector, and a devoted Trump supporter. He enjoyed military history and had travelled to the battle sites of Gettysburg and Normandy. He enjoyed traveling  to Europe several times and wintered in Florida. Joseph loved to drive in his car and looked forward to every road trip. Born and raised in Bayside, Queens of which he was very proud. He enjoyed motorcycle riding especially in Florida. He was an animal lover and will be sorely missed by his canine companion Louis Vuitton, named after the famous designer.   He will be most remembered for his love of family and his pride and caring for his grandchildren. Joseph is survived by his wife Ann Marie to whom he had been happily married for the past thirty-one years. He was the beloved father of Joseph, Dana, and Michael and cherished grandfather of Joseph, Anthony, Gianna and Gino. He was the devoted brother of Tony (Laurie). Family and friends were received at Roma Funeral Home in Shirley on Tuesday. A prayer service was conducted by St. Jude’s RC Church. The Patriot Guard Riders came to pay honor to a fallen hero and comrade-in-arms. Interment with military honors took place at Calverton National Cemetery on Wednesday.



Dedication and service are the benchmark of those who serve our country. Whether that service is home or abroad, the men and women of our armed services sacrifice their lives and safety to ensure our freedom. Often their service places them in harm’s way, and while they may make it back home, the scars of battle remain forever etched in their hearts, minds and bodies.
Joseph F. Carollo gave all he had to the service of his country; so much that he was left with unrepairable damage to his body. Those who serve in any foreign conflict are exposed to many hazards, the least of which is actual gunfire or weaponry. It is the chemical warfare, the exposure to disease from countries who do not have safe drinking water or proper sanitary conditions. So much happens behind the scenes in the daily lives of those men and women who are serving in the military in remote places around the globe. Many of these exposures can be immediately diagnosed, but sadly, many do not surface for years.
My husband Connie, also a Vietnam veteran, has developed chronic illnesses due to his exposure during his three years of honorable service; and so, our connection to Joseph is very heartfelt. I saw in the eyes of his wife Ann Marie the echo of my own anger and frustration. These were to be our “golden” years. A time after our children were grown and on their own; a time when the daily grind of going to work could be lessened and retirement was an attainable dream. This was supposed to be our time. We have been robbed by forces we cannot control.
When asked if they would ever join again, nine out of ten veterans, no matter how much they have suffered, will resoundingly say “YES”. Americans are a people of tenacious pride and service to mankind. We have fought for the little guy, the underdog, to ensure the freedoms of all human beings. Did they suffer; you bet they did! Yet, at the end of the day, in the quiet of night, they know that their contribution made a difference. These are proud men and women who gave all they had for their country and the promise of freedom to those who are oppressed by the tyrants of the world.
Joseph F. Carollo, a husband, father, grandfather, and brother, was a man of honor. His love of this country, of family, and freedom, will be his legacy.
Joseph, we thank you for your service. God bless you and all those men and women who serve in our country’s armed services.

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