Grandma-Hugs 2When your mother was 10 years old, she still wore her beautiful black hair in braids. I knew when she was sad, because she would undo them, and – without a word – she would come to me so I could braid them again. Of course, she wanted to talk and needed to be at my side. I would tell her stories, make her laugh, and we would spend some loving time together. Fixing her hair was the best therapy for her sadness.

However, braiding hair does not solve all problems. You may encounter situations or circumstances that make you feel sad or discouraged. We should learn how to tell the difference between fleeting sadness and feeling totally empty. When emptiness and loneliness drag us down too many days, and we feel like we are falling through a long, black, endless tunnel, then it is more than sadness. You may be depressed.

Unlike sadness or a temporary bad mood, depression is a serious medical condition. It robs you of energy and makes you feel alone without support or hope. Further, it can lead you to think and feel so negatively that you stop struggling.

Other symptoms of depression may be: changes in eating habits, weight gain or loss, lowered self-esteem, unrealistic feelings of guilt, difficulty in concentrating, and even thoughts of suicide.

As you see, depression is a serious matter. Don’t wait for simple sadness or the blues to get you so down. Remember that there are many people around who love you and would be glad to help.

South Shore Counseling & Mediation Center is a full service mental health agency, offering CBT counseling, EFT modalities – (tapping), therapeutic counseling, a variety of behavioral and psycho-educational programs and divorce mediation. To speak with one of our therapists please call (631)286-8282, e-mail us at SSCounseling1@optonline.net or visit our website, Southshorecounselingcenter.net.

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