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Dear Editor:

The article that appeared August 30, 2017 titled “Village Hires Former Mayor as $1, 000 a Month Consultant” had information that was not factually correct. I would approach the anonymous writer and ask her/him to correct the misinformation but strangely there is no byline on this story. A quick review of this paper as well as past issues reveals a puzzling lack of bylines. I am a huge fan of the print media and have been for over fifty years. The South Shore Press is the only publication I have ever seen that does not give their writers bylines. This would seem to be against the very ethics of journalism. Having said that Sperow Management, Inc. was not hired as a “public relations consultant…” nor was Sperow hired as a, “… grant writer”. The resolutions that were passed to hire Sperow and the terms are in the village meeting minutes and are public record. Please in the future have your journalists do some basic fact checking.

Maura Spery, President
Sperow Management, Inc.

The press release that was sent to The South Shore Press regarding the hiring of Sperow Management by Village of Mastic Beach mentioned that the company would be finishing grants. It is also our understanding that the press release we received was written by Ms. Spery, which is why we mentioned that she would also be handling press releases.
As far as by-line is concerned the release and information was combined together by News/Editorial Staff.


A Vote for Zacarese Is Vote For Law Enforcement

Dear Editor:
I am writing this open letter to your readers to remind them that there will be a Republican Party primary for the office of Suffolk County Sheriff on Sept 12th. The incumbent Sheriff, Vincent DeMarco, is not seeking re-election after three terms so voters will have a choice they have not had in twelve years. The primary is open to all Suffolk County registered Republicans, registered Reform Party members, as well as all of those registered voters who are not affiliated with an individual party. This is a real opportunity to choose a qualified candidate for this critically important law enforcement position, particularly at a time when our neighborhoods are facing increasingly violent threats from MS-13 gang violence and the ever-growing opioid epidemic.
I have lived in Suffolk County for my entire life and I am in my 25th year of public sector emergency service, starting at the age of seventeen as a volunteer firefighter and EMT in the Holbrook Fire Department. I graduated from Paramedic school at the age of twenty and began to work at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center while also working at Stony Brook University Hospital. In 1998 I joined the New York City Police Department where I worked as a patrol officer and plain-clothes anti-crime officer in the 113th precinct for five years before being accepted into the Emergency Service Unit (ESU) of the Special Operations Division. While in ESU, I worked as a canine handler and tactical paramedic for nearly seven years before being promoted to Sergeant. Thereafter I worked as a uniformed patrol supervisor and, in my last assignment as the Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit Sergeant in the 115th precinct.
In 2009 I had the opportunity to take on a new challenge that would return me to my Suffolk County roots. I accepted a promotion for the newly created position as the Assistant Chief of Police and Director of Emergency Management for the region’s largest public research University Police Department. Additionally, I have been employed as a Deputy Chief Fire Instructor and EMT at the Suffolk County Fire Academy since 1994 and I still actively practice Advanced Life Support as a Paramedic for the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
Since 1994 my opponent has been a career politician and an Albany insider who has absolutely no law enforcement experience. He claims to be a Republican yet after deciding only a few months ago that he wanted to run for Sheriff, he sought the endorsement of the Conservative and Independence parties before his alleged Republican party. Further, he continues to refuse multiple requests to publicly reaffirm that he will not take the Democratic Party endorsement after the Primary despite signing a pledge and verbally saying he would not. In fact, just recently, his name appeared on Democratic Party petitions being circulated in Riverhead town (http://www.timesunion.com/7day-state/article/Long-Island-Democrats-bicker-over-possible-Senate-11818105.php).
Republican voters in Suffolk County deserve to know the truth before they cast their vote on September 12th. The Senator fails to realize, or even worse, does not care that, it is a privilege to be a public servant and that he has an obligation to tell the truth. This is a law enforcement position, and I am the law enforcement candidate. For the reasons I have listed above I respectfully request your vote on Sept 12th in the GOP Primary.

Lawrence M. Zacarese

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