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center moriches 2So, if you’re driving down Main Street in Center Moriches and you were wondering who places and takes care of those beautiful flowers and plants, then you need to say thank you to the members and volunteers of the Moriches Chamber’s Beautification Committee.
The group is made up of local business leaders, families and students, all of whom are volunteers.
Some of the volunteers include: Laura, Paul, Gianna Racioppi, Loriann, Riley Patanjo, Jeannine, Billy Barr, Alex, Julian, Olivia, Ben Dench, Annette, Rudy Rank, Laura Lewis, Tom, Colleen Hogan.
One group who puts in hundreds of hours each year planting, maintaining and watering the flowers and plants. Thanks to grants and some very generous business owners, the committee has been able to provide all of the materials for free.
However, funding is starting to dry up and the committee is looking for help from local families and businesses.
“If every familiy who lives in Center Moriches joined our efforts or donated $10.00, we would have more than enough funding to keep things going and even look to expand our efforts,” said Mark Danowski, owner of Allstate Insurance and the Chairman of the Beautification Committee.
For more information or to get involved, look at the committee’s full page color ad on Page 2 of this week’s edition of the South Shore Press.
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