Sports Club and Town Work Together to Improve Legion Field Sports Complex

Dan PanicoBy Dakota Smothergille,
former Little Leaguer
What once was a drug ridden, delinquent filled teenage wasteland, has transformed into a family friendly spectacle for hundreds of children, and their families. Who can be thanked for this drastic change? Well there are two groups. Tri Hamlet Sports Club, and the Town Of Brookhaven in particular Town Councilman Dan Panico.
Within the past two years alone, a new playground, cleared woods, addition of a third baseball field, and four brand new batting cages, headline the improvements. Legions Field is symbolic of the Mastic, Mastic Beach, Shirley area. Often misjudged and inaccurately portrayed there is beauty within. My teammates and I grew up together on this field. To this day we keep in touch, occasionally visiting the park, reminiscing upon our days as little leaguers. You see this field, and all it has to offer via the sports club, gave us an avenue to venture upon when times looked bleak. I credit this park for helping me mature into the man I am today. My hope is for others to feel something similar.
So with that being said I thank you Dan Panico. Working together to make it better is our Chamber of Commerce mantra, Dan Panico you have exemplified this saying to perfection.
Ask for comment, Councilman Panico sent the following statement, “When I grew up in Mastic Beach I practically lived at Robert Miller Park, we knew it then as the “Legion Fields.” Back then they were simple sandlots that weren’t in the best of shape. Now we have transformed that park into a beautiful location where kids and families can come and play sports or enjoy the recently installed new playground.
Since taking office we have improved every park in this district. Shortly after taking office Mastic Beach became a Village, but the three parks in the area – Robert Miller, Osprey and Bayview Park – remained under Town custody and control. We remained committed to these parks and they have flourished as three of the more beautiful parks in the entire Town of Brookhaven. Now as the Village transitions back to the Town, we will move forward with the same commitment on quality of life issues, derelict home demolitions, and revitalization for the area. You should love where you live and Mastic Beach is an area that has never reached its full potential. We are going to work tirelessly to realize that potential.
Slumlords and their ilk had better work expeditiously to bring their properties up to code because on day one of the transition back from the Village to the Town, we will begin to aggressively crack down on those who put profits ahead of people and have forsaken the area for their pecuniary greed.
Robert Miller Park (AKA the Legion Fields) is a place where on any sunny day you can see kids playing and families smiling, enjoying where they live. Soon we will work to make all of Mastic Beach just as beautiful. While it may not happen overnight, we are committed to raising the quality of life for all and giving people the quality of life that they deserve.

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