Obtaining a Veteran Peddler’s License

Flag 2Suffolk County Clerk Judith A. Pascale would like to remind all honorably discharged members of the United States Armed Forces, and their surviving spouses, that they are eligible to apply for a Veteran Peddler’s License. This license provides veterans with the right to sell goods, wares and merchandise.
“Service to our county is amongst the highest of callings in a person’s life,” commented Suffolk County Clerk Judith A. Pascale. “I am proud to offer this service to our Veterans and sincerely thank them for their service.”
To apply, you must present a valid driver’s license or photo identification, proof of residency for at least six months (a local utility bill can be used), and a copy of your DD-214 or Military Discharge papers. Licenses are issued free of charge and are valid as long as you maintain residency within the county. To get a license, you must appear in person and bring two (2) passport photos with you.
In addition to obtaining a Veteran Peddler’s License from the county clerk, you will also be required to comply with village or town ordinances related to street peddling. Information can be obtained directly from the individual towns and villages in which the business will be conducted.
“Be sure to contact the respective municipality to learn about their rules and regulations regarding the peddling of wares within their town or village,” commented Pascale.
Non-veterans who are interested in obtaining a Peddlers License may contact their respective town or village government for more information.
For a better understanding of all the services available to veterans within Suffolk County, individuals should contact the Suffolk County Veterans Services Agency at (631) 853-VETS (8387).

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