Town Demolition of Zombie House

Zombie House Centereach LaValleOn August 9th, Councilman Kevin LaValle was on hand for the demolition of a vacant and abandoned house at 59 Woodview Lane Centereach. The house had been a source of numerous resident complaints and Town building code violations. The rear of the house was in danger of collapse, the exterior and interior suffered from a lack of maintenance and the property was overgrown and strewn with debris. It was demolished by the Town in accordance with Chapter 73 of the Town Code which provides a “fast track” to rid neighborhoods of unsafe structures. The cost of demolition and debris removal is the responsibility of the property owner, and the Town places a lien on the property that is then placed on the tax bill. The County reimburses the Town and then they collect the money from the property owner.
Councilman LaValle said, “This house wasn’t maintained for years and it became a dangerous eyesore that had a negative impact on property values in the neighborhood and the quality of life of the residents who take pride in their homes. I commend our Law Department for their efforts to clean up zombie houses in Centereach and all throughout Council District 3.”

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