BMHMC Reinforces Their EMS Pledge

Mastic EMS 2017 005A little more than two months after their ambulance caught fire at the Emergency Department of BMHMC, the hospital’s President and CEO Richard Margulis, along with ER Drs. Carl Goodman and Michael Yeh, met with the members of Mastic Volunteer Ambulance Corp.. Mr. Margulis expressed his gratitude for Mastic VAC’s long-standing support of the hospital as well as their shared mission of providing care for the community. He also spoke about the hospital’s support of EMS through the Brookhaven Hospital EMS Pledge, before presenting a plaque to Mastic Chief Maria Landman. The plaque included two sprinkler heads that helped control the fire.
Mr. Margulis compared their two organizations to the sprinkler heads saying, “While most people don’t take notice of a sprinkler system, it’s there and ready when you need it. When needed”, he continued, “it responds and the sprinkler heads work together to get the job done.”

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