What are the William Floyd School Board and Superintendent Trying to Hide?

WFSD Board of EducationDespite numerous requests and extensive coverage that The South Shore Press Newspaper gives the William Floyd School District, Superintendent Kevin Coster recommended and the Board of Education approved three paid out of town newspapers to publish legal notices for the William Floyd School District.
Once again, the three papers selected were the Long Island Advance, a Patchogue newspaper, the Long Island Business News, a Hauppauge-based paper and Newsday, which is based out of Melville.
All three papers must be purchased and the Long Island Advance and Business News truly provide no real coverage on the school district.
When was the last time you saw the Long Island Advance or the Long Island Business News in a community store in the Mastic, Shirley, Mastic Beach or Moriches area?
Earlier this year we once again reached out to the school district to request that the South Shore Press, a free newspaper be added to the list and used for legal notices. Once again we were told they would look into it, despite the thirty plus years of coverage that we have given to the William Floyd School District and our community.
Why does this matter to you, the taxpayers and residents of Mastic, Shirley, Moriches and Mastic Beach?
It’s called the system of checks and balances.
We all remember the financial scandals that plagued the William Floyd School District not too long ago!
We all remember the skyrocketing tax increases that this school board has voted for!
The purpose of legal notices is to inform the public of what the school district is doing.
What they are buying.
Who they are hiring.
What their plans are for a budget and tax increase.
Basically, how they are spending our tax dollars.
The legal notices also allow local people to apply for jobs and allow local merchants to try and sell products to our school district.
Why would our school board spend money with newspapers that don’t really cover our community or school district?
Why would our school board place notices in two publications that are from outside this community and must be paid for?
What is the William Floyd School Board trying to hide?
It becomes even more interesting to us when you consider the fact that Robert Vecchio, the long time President of the William Floyd School Board, recently screened to run as a Republican-Conservative for the Suffolk County Legislature’s 3rd District seat.
Mr. Vecchio wasn’t chosen, many political insiders say, because of the large tax increases he has implemented.
The South Shore Press has provided extensive coverage of this race and Mr. Vecchio’s activities on the school board.
Was the South Shore Press cut out of the legals because of this coverage?
We are going to continue to provide great coverage of the William Floyd School District, its faculty and students but this year we are going to be paying even closer attention to the William Floyd School Board.
What are they trying to hide?

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