Medford Multicare Center for Living: Redefining Excellence

Medford Multicare Center for LivingAt a time when access to health care is a growing issue across the United States, one local medical facility is evolving to bring advanced treatments and new therapeutic options to Suffolk County residents.

Medford Multicare Center for Living, under new management since 2016, has transformed into a premier provider of health services, just as the region faces a surging demand for the latest developments in specialized medical treatment plans.

The number of New York State residents over age 60 is steadily rising and is expected to grow to over 5.3 million — more than 25 percent of the population — by 2030, according to the State Office for the Aging.

Meanwhile, Medford has quietly developed a portfolio of boutique health services to address the needs of that population, including a state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym, a sophisticated ventilator unit and a professional team of clinicians and nursing staff.

The facility’s recent investments in both medical protocols and in guest amenities make it a standout in the industry, according to Bernard Chrisphonte, the center’s director of respiratory therapy, and a state-licensed nursing home administrator.

“This is a very impressive setting for medical practice in Suffolk County,” Chrisphonte said. “I have 30 years helping patients, and I would say that Medford is truly unparalleled in the region.”

Among the treatments available at Medford is a 40-bed ventilator unit equipped with piped-in oxygen and one of the most advanced alarm systems in the industry, used to identify and halt emergencies in the most delicate of clinical settings. Chriphonte and his team of therapists have successfully weaned 17 residents from technical ventilation over the last 18 months, a nearly unprecedented success rate he attributes to aggressive treatment and a high quality of care at the facility.

“When you have board certified pulmonologists making rounds three times a week to oversee care and discuss any concerns that come up with patients and family, that goes quite a long way. That is our standard,” Chrisphonte said. “Our team comes to work each day with the goal of being second to none.”

In a different wing of the recently modernized facility, rehabilitation and occupational therapy programs deliver superior care in innovative exercise and treatment studios, which include specialized equipment designed to restore patients to their greatest possible mobility. Under the supervision of skilled therapists and trainers, residents at Medford receive the latest treatments that were simply unavailable years ago.

“To be honest, this would not have been possible five or six years ago, but we’ve essentially rebuilt ourselves into a top-tier provider of advanced medical services,” Chrisphonte said.

As patients increasingly expect individualized care plans and treatments that allow them to return home quickly after illness or accident, Medford Multicare Center is poised to offer a complete regimen of health services in a lavish setting that is certain to exceed expectations.


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