Sunderman Makes Commitment

Rudy Sunderman 2Will Fight For More Police Presence In 3rd District

‘We Need a Police Sub-Station to Service Communities of Suffolk’s Third Legislative District’
-Rudy Sunderman

Suffolk County Legislature candidate Rudy Sunderman called for an increased police presence in the communities of Mastic, Mastic Beach and Shirley. Sunderman pointed out that the area’s growing population is underserved by Suffolk Police, and said once he is elected he will have a police sub-station established to increase response times and have a more direct law enforcement presence in the community.
Sunderman pointed to the incident that occurred at the William Floyd High School graduation this past Sunday as a glaring example for the need to increase the police presence in the area.
“This incident would not have gotten out of control if our police had the resources they need in the Tri-Hamlet area and all the neighborhoods of the Third District,” said Sunderman, who pointed out that the population in the William Floyd School District has dramatically increased in the two decades since the Seventh Precinct was established.“Like many of my neighbors, this fight angered me. I’m angry for our community, our school, our students, our graduates and families whose special day was marred by a handful of antagonists, many of whom were not even residents of the area. I am all in favor of and support the William Floyd School District pressing charges with those involved in this incident.”
Sunderman made a commitment to push for a sub-station, as well as foot patrols during the summer months and an increase in the number of officers assigned to the 3rd Legislative District area once he is elected county legislator. Sunderman believes better response times and a higher police presence is the best crime deterrent.
“As our community has grown, we must also expand our police department, which is why I am committed to fighting at all costs for this Suffolk County Police substation,” said Sunderman. “As a first responder, I work side by side with the dedicated officers of the Suffolk Police Department and they are there whenever we answer a call from the community 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. We need to increase police resources to make our community safe. On Sunday we saw so much pride in the hard work and dedication of our next generation. We need to make sure they are protected from bad actors outside our area so they can grow and thrive, make a good living and raise families of their own. We will rise up together as a community to make this a reality.”

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