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Kids love to celebrate. Whether at a family graduation party or a spontaneous late night get together, some kids celebrate with alcohol. What’s worse, 65% of kids under age 21 who say they drink, admit they get alcohol from family and friends. That means they get it from their parents, their friend’s parents, or older siblings.
Make no mistake about this: If you provide alcohol, directly or indirectly, to someone under the legal drinking age, you can be held responsible for what happens after they have consumed it!
Even when kids are old enough to be held liable for their actions, their parents can still be held equally responsible and subject to severe and permanent consequences. Those consequences can be punitive, civil and or even criminal. So, always be informed on what is happening in your home!
EXAMPLE: Mom and dad forbade alcohol at the celebration party Junior threw for a winning football season! They were upstairs in the den watching TV when police arrived to investigate a call about possible underage drinking. Unfortunately, some of Junior’s “friends” brought their own alcohol to this “dry” party! Consequently, dad spent the night in jail, booked on 44 counts of suspicion contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Each misdemeanor carries a fine and up to nearly a year in jail.
It doesn’t matter what you did when you were younger, or what you think your personal privacy entitles you to do. ZERO TOLERANCE for providing alcohol to anyone under 21 at any time, in any place, is the only way to set a safe example for your kids and keep you free from legal entanglement!
If you leave your children on their own, give them a backup with neighbors or close-by family or don’t leave them alone. It will a hard and unpopular position, but not as hard as standing by a hospital bed or a gravesite.

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