Literacy Celebration

SSp.DLM.2017...-8454 SSp.DLM.2017...-8488 SSp.DLM.2017...-8497 SSp.DLM.2017...-8510 SSp.DLM.2017...-8523 SSp.DLM.2017...-8530 SSp.DLM.2017...-8541 SSp.DLM.2017...-8553 SSp.DLM.2017...-8561 SSp.DLM.2017...-8576Members of the Library Board, administration and staff were joined by Brookhaven Town, Suffolk County and NYS elected officials on Sunday, June 4th for a “Celebration of Literacy”.

Literacy tutors, students, and their family members were honored for their work during the year. Special recognition was given to participants who received US Citizenship this year. Scholarships donated by anonymous community members were awarded to US Citizenship candidates. A special tribute to retiring Literacy Department Head Elizabeth Donovan who is completing her 25th year with the Library and was instrumental in expanding the program to meet the needs of residents through the years. The Community Family Literacy Project is recognized as being one of the finest literacy programs in NYS. Photos by Dueling Lenses


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