Raising Hope For Hannah Grace

unnamed-3Story by Victoria Kuhr
Amy and Rob Galinsky found out their daughter, Hannah Grace, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of children’s cancer on February 15, 2017.
According to National Cancer Institute, rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common type of soft tissue sarcoma in children. Rhabdomyosarcoma usually begins in muscles that are attached to bones and that help the body move.
Hannah Grace’s treatment is projected to last 42 weeks with weekly chemotherapy which began on February 18, 2017 and radiation therapy beginning in June. She is expected to make a full recovery in the end. Her treatment has not stopped her from enjoying such things like dancing, singing, Minnie Mouse, playing outside, and making people laugh.
With the high expense of Hannah Grace’s treatment, the community came together to create a fundraiser in her honor. The fundraiser was created by a friend of the Galinski’s, Al Gabrow, second assistant chief volunteer in Mastic Beach Ambulance Company (MBAC), and his wife, Danielle, who’s also a volunteer in MBAC.
Liz Noberto, a school teacher at Saint Anthony’s, a volunteer in MBAC, and another contributor in the fundraiser, said, “This fundraiser was their [Al and Danielle Gabrow] ‘brainchild.’ Members from the MBAC and the Knights of Columbus in Mastic where it’s held are helping. They have been so generous and helpful.”
The fundraiser will be held on Friday, June 23 from 7 pm – 11 pm at Knights of Columbus Columbian Club. Only 120 entrance tickets are available at the door for $15 for anyone 18-years-old and up.
The night will include:
● A 50/50 raffle
● A Chinese Auction
● Raffle tickets ($10 each) for cash prizes up to $500 for first, second, and third place
● Wine, soda, tap beer, dessert, and coffee
Norberto said, “Anything to help out the family. It’s a night to have fun and be happy. We are all there for her [Hannah Grace], for one cause.”
For those who can’t attend the fundraiser, another way to help is donating to Hannah Grace’s GoFundMe account www.gofundme.com/helping-hannah-grace. The family is almost three-quarters of way towards their goal of $50,000 in only three months by 448 people.
Contact Al for questions: (631) 987-7870. Contact Liz for questions: (631) 793-5559.

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