Don’t Fall Victim To Needless Solicitation

title deedSeveral years ago, the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office informed the public about a variety of companies offering to sell certified copies of deeds to homeowners at a cost of up to 1,200% more than what a person would pay to receive the same copy through the Clerk’s Office.
As a result of the publicity, State law was passed regulating the practice of companies which offer to sell you a copy of your deed. The law requires exact language to ensure that consumers are able to make informed decisions regarding the purchase of certified copies of property deeds that clearly delineates the fact that such copies are readily available for a much smaller fee from your County Clerk’s Office.
However, these record retrieval services companies continue to seek new customers and often canvass entire neighborhoods with solicitations offering to sell homeowners a certified copy of the deed to their home for a significantly higher cost then is available from our office.
As a result of these mailings, a good number of people have contacted my office to question the legitimacy of these letters. Some of the most common questions can be summed up in the following statements; first there is no general sense of urgency to have a copy of your deed on hand at all times. Second, if you should ever need a certified copy of your deed, my office stands ready to provide you with a certified copy for a small fee that is usually five dollars.
Should you need any further information, or wish to purchase a certified copy of your deed, you may contact the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office at 631-852-2000 ext. 800 or visit us online at www.SuffolkCountyNY.gov/Clerk.

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