Mr. Joshua P. Foster To Receive 2017 Stony Brook University Friends Of Education Award

cm teacher awardMr. Joshua P. Foster has been selected to receive the prestigious 2017 Stony Brook University Friends of Education Award. This award is given to a small segment of incredible individuals involved in the educational process of a district; it acknowledges the exceptional work of an individual that has a profound impact on the educational experience for students.
As an attorney, father, little league coach, volunteer, and long standing community member, Mr. Foster has established himself as a well-respected contributor to his community. Mr. Foster has served as the Center Moriches Board of Education President for the last three years. During this time, Mr. Foster has led the development of Board of Education goals that promote continued collaboration with staff, fiscal responsibility, system accountability, and programmatic growth that leads to greater student achievements and opportunities. He is described as a board member that is committed to every role that the Board of Education plays in the advancement and maintenance of a district. He is viewed as a person whose passion is only matched by his intellect and his intellect is realized through the diligence that he commits to every task.
Those in his community have defined him as a visionary whose mission it is to propel his community to greater heights by increasing the opportunities available. He has a unique way of galvanizing those around him to identify cause and effect, develop responsible and tangible plans, and convert his vision to a reality that is shaped and embraced by all those involved in the process. The Center Moriches Community is very fortunate to have a Board of Education member that possesses the intellect, passion, and tactful tenacity needed to advocate for its children. We are honored to see his efforts recognized by Stony Brook University.

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