Wedding-Anniversary-Poems-For-CouplesAre you in love, or just friends? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. After all, guys are usually reluctant to be the first one to say those three little words. And you might not want to volunteer them, either, unless you’re pretty certain that he feels the way you do!

So how do you know if it’s like or love? He’s probably giving off clues that will tell you the answer. Take this quiz to find out if he’s a buddy or a boyfriend.

1. When the two of you are at a party does he:
a. Introduce you to his friends from the football team before he hits the dance floor?
b. Keep his eye on you, checking out just who you’re talking to?

2. When you’re in school, does he:
a. Make sure he sits beside you in the classes you share?
b. Seem to be popping up wherever you are – even when his class is on the other side of the school?

3. When he calls, does he:
a. Start up the conversation, assuming you know it’s him?
b. Greet you by calling you that cute nickname he’s made up for you?

4. Your birthday is coming up. Does he:
a. Get the gang together to celebrate the big event?
b. Suggest that you guys go out and celebrate – just the two of you?

5. You’re at the movies. There’s a romantic scene on the screen. Does he:
a. Totally goof on the actors?
b. Seem tense and a little nervous about being alone in the theatre with you?

6. You just pitched the best softball game of your life, and the guy in question was there to witness the whole thing. After the game, does he:
a. Give you a high five?
b. Take you for a pizza to celebrate?

7. A mutual friend wants to take a picture of the two of you for the school newspaper. Does he:
a. Stand close beside you and smile as he gives you “bunny ears?”
b. Put his arm around your waist before saying “cheese?”

8. When he sees you talking to another guy, does he:
a. Keep his distance and give you your space?
b. Hurry over to move in on the conversation?

YOUR SCORE: The more (b) answers you checked, the more it is that this guy is totally into you, romantically speaking!

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