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piping-ploverPiping Plovers at Smith Point
Dear Editor:

I am floored by Suffolk County’s refusal to take on action on the piping plovers at Smith Point County Beach. For so long now, it has been their responsibility to get moving on the plan to relocate the piping plovers so we can have full access to the beach, which I might add is supported by our tax dollars. Instead of doing the right thing and putting in the work that was needed to get this effort across the finish line, they’ve decided to play the blame game and point fingers at others. It’s time they grew up and took responsibility for their own incompetence.
Congressman Zeldin has been on top of this for years and is waiting for Suffolk County to do their part. He has sent several letters to the County and even coordinated a meeting between them and the Fish and Wildlife Service. The fact that a federal representative is being more proactive than our county representatives on a local issue shows just how much more he cares about the Tri-Hamlet. Other areas have enacted similar plans to relocate wildlife to a more appropriate habitat, so why has there been no movement from Suffolk County to do the same at Smith Point? The short answer is that there is no reason. We’ve waited long enough for Suffolk County to take action on this and we are getting fed up.
There are very clear steps here to get this project done, and yet we’re probably going to have another summer where we cannot fully access this beach. To our officials on the county level, I need to ask, “What’s the hold up?”
Thanks again to Congressman Zeldin for putting forth the effort in this matter; it’s just a shame our local officials are unable to follow suit.

Joe and Aileen Markowsky
Mastic Beach
Relocate The Piping Plovers

Dear Editor:

Some of you might remember back in DeSuffolk County needs to step it up as soon as possible to get Smith Point County Beach fully open for the summer season. There is no reason that, for years at this point, the people of the Tri-Hamlet should have limited access to this beach because of the piping plovers. There are ways to safely relocate these birds and the County knows it; it just hasn’t felt the need to put in the work to get the job done.
Here’s the breakdown of Suffolk County’s ineptitude, in case you are wondering why there are still these restrictions at Smith Point Park. Last September, Congressman Lee Zeldin met with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials and people from the County to develop a gameplan on moving these birds to an alternate location. Everyone came away from the meeting with a firm understanding that the next step was for the County to move forward with the necessary applications to begin the process. Well now it’s 2017 and still there is nothing being done. This could have been dealt with and resolved months ago if the County didn’t drag their feet.
At least Lee Zeldin, a Shirley native, cares about following through on his promises for his constituents. Zeldin has been so active on this issue and has given Suffolk County every opportunity to collaborate with the Fish and Wildlife Service to address this. I don’t know what the County has been doing with their time, but there is no excuse for this.

Bill Toranzo

Luncheon Meeting For Seniors

Dear Editor:

St. Andrews Episcopal Church is holding a luncheon meeting for seniors, Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 10am located at 250 Neighborhood Road, Mastic Beach. The St. Andrews church has served the communities of Mastic and Mastic Beach since the 1920’s. Our Episcopal faith calls us to serve and assist the with needs and hopes of all members of our community, regardless of their faith affiliation.
Currently, our mission center hosts a weekly community meal which is open to all. We also provide assistance and support that help connect individuals to available resources.
We have a vision for the future of our center to allow us to better serve the needs of our aging population. In an effort to respond to the wants and needs of seniors, we need the suggestions and input.
We are inviting you to share your ideas & feedback for questions such as;
• What additional services do you think should be available for seniors?
• What services can we offer that improve the quality of life for seniors?
• How can the center be better utilized for the community?
Advance registration and RSVP required.Please call the center: 631-772-5901 Email: WSamuels@dioceseli.org or Sushi08@optonline.net. Thank you.

Wendy Samuels
St. Andrews Community Center
at Mastic Beach

Garden Club Annual Plant Sale

Dear Editor:

The Bellport Garden Club is holding its annual Plant Sale on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, on the Village Green in front of CVS, South Country Road, Bellport Village. Offered for sale will be perennials, annuals and herbs, as well as gardening items, gardening books, and flags. All plants for sale are grown by Garden Club members, and all proceeds from the sale will go to the Beautification Fund. The plant sale is held in conjunction with Bellport’s annual Memorial Day Parade. For further information, call 631-286-9281.

Michele DePalo

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