Panico and Chamber Join Forces on Earth Day

EarthDay.DLM.2017-4993 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5008 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5013 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5017 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5026 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5030 (1) EarthDay.DLM.2017-5061 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5063 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5071 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5074 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5094 (1) EarthDay.DLM.2017-5094 EarthDay.DLM.2017-5104As part of the celebration recognizing Earth Day, Brookhaven Town Deputy Supervisor Dan Panico and members of the Chamber of Commerce of the Moriches joined forces to clean up local area parks.
Their efforts included new plantings and the collection of dozens of bags of garbage.

Photos by Dueling Lenses Media

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