Does Your Child Need An Individualized Learning Program?

While it’s the last quarter of the school year, if your child seems to be falling further and further behind, it is not too late to request an evaluation from the school district to determine if your child has special needs to help him/her with the learning process.

Evaluations must be comprehensive and provide information about your child’s unique abilities and needs. Evaluations include information from parents and a group of evaluators, including at least one special education teacher or other person with knowledge of your child’s (suspected) disability. An evaluation will provide information that relates to your child in his/her classroom. It will tell what your child needs to be involved in to participate and progress in general education curriculum.

Tests and assessments, given as part of an evaluation, must be given in your child’s language by people who are trained, knowledgeable and/or certified to give the tests. The tests must be fair and not discriminate racially or culturally.

• A physical examination
• A psychological evaluation (if determined appropriate for school-age students, but mandatory for pre-school children)
• A social history
• Observation of your child in his/her current educational setting
• Other tests or assessments that are appropriate for your child (such as a speech and language assessment or a functional behavioral assessment)
• Vocational assessments (required at age 12)

The results of the evaluation must be provided to you. This may involve a meeting with the Committee on Special Education (CSE) in which the technical language and scoring of individual tests are explained to you, usually by the professionals who administered the tests. In additional, you must be given a copy of the evaluation report. You may also bring in evaluation information which the Committee must consider.

Keep in mind the goal of the Committee and parents is one and the same, to provide your child with the best possible education in the least restrictive environment.

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