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Running For School Board

Dear Editor:

As a former student of the South Country school district (class of 2012), I am extremely passionate that the current and future students get a valuable education. Bellport is fortunate enough to have great diversity, terrific educators, and engaged students; we must make sure that we secure this for the future and make it even better. I want to give the board a newer, and younger perspective.
I am a recent graduate of St. Joseph’s College with a B.A. in sociology. It is there that I developed a deep passion for education and public service while learning from brilliant professors and mentors, such as former Congressman Tim Bishop. I am proud to be an employee of the South Country Library for three and a half years as the head of outreach and a circulation clerk. While working at the library I have connected with the community and continue to learn what makes them proud to be members of the South Country district, and what concerns they may have.
I want South Country’s voice to be heard, make sure the taxpayer’s money is put in the right areas, help the art and music departments get what they need to help students achieve creative potential, and stand up for what is right for public education as a whole. It has not been too long since I was a student myself in South Country schools; I can bring modern ideas to the table to help students, teachers, and the community that I have lived in all my life. Please go to jackmnix.com, follow Jack M Nix on Facebook, @jackmnix on Instagram & Twitter, or send me your thoughts at nixforschoolboard@gmail.com. 2017 may be off to a rocky start nationally, but I am inspired to make sure we have a prosperous future. I hope to have your vote on May 16th!

Jack Nix
People Expecting Justice

Dear Editor:

Some of you might remember back in December of 2016 there was a wrong way accident on the corner of William Floyd Parkway and Flintlock. The driver of the car that was hit was Margaret Wimett. Margaret and her husband Pete are fellow members of the MBPOA. This Friday, April 21st is the first hearing on the case, and due to the lack of cooperation from the District Attorney, who by the way appears to be leaning towards a plea bargain, Pete and Margaret do not know what to expect. Either way, I’ve been asked by a mutual friend of theirs to reach out to our members for anyone willing to give them some moral support. Just to have people sitting in the court room would help; it offers moral support for Pete and Margaret as well as sends a message to the court that the people are expecting justice. Any one of us could have been Margaret that day. I’m asking if anyone has some time to join us in the Central Islip courthouse to support a fellow member, your presence will be appreciated. We will meet in the state building (brown building), in Cohalan complex, at 9AM, on the third floor, with Judge Camacho. The Cohalan Court Complex is located on the east side of Carleton Ave., approximately one half mile north Southern State Parkway. It is adjacent to the new Federal Court House and the DUCKS minor league baseball stadium. The address is 400 Carleton Ave., Central Islip, NY 11722 (631) 853-7500.
You will not only be helping Pete and Margaret, but anyone else that might wind up in their shoes. Thanks for your support.

Mastic Beach Property Owners Association

Promoting Business Development

Dear Editor:

I will be hosting a business summit and informational event called “Charting the Course” (CTC) on Monday, June 19th. CTC will bring together local businesses with key government agencies in an effort to support local economic development in the Seventh District. The event will feature a welcome panel to discuss lessons learned in Patchogue Village and how they can be applied to businesses around the district. The event is being Co-Hosted by the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce, the Medford Chamber of Commerce, and the Village of Patchogue.
This will be a great opportunity to get our local government and business leaders working together toward economic development is our community. We have seen tremendous success over the last decade in Patchogue and what we have learned can apply to other parts of my district.
CTC will begin with a Welcome Panel Discussion at the Patchogue Theatre featuring keynote speaker Paul Pontieri, Mayor of Patchogue Village. In addition, he will be joined by business owners who have been instrumental to the success of Patchogue. Each will share their experiences and discuss what they learned while starting a business.
Following the Welcome Panel Discussion, breakout panels will be held across the street at the Patchogue-Medford Library. These sessions will focus on specific topics and allow audience members to participate in a question and answer session. Panels will focus on topics like starting a new business, greening your business, leveraging public dollars, and developing your workforce. Panelists will include representatives from the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce, St. Joseph’s College, Patchogue Village, the Patchogue Business Improvement District, the Suffolk County IDA, The Suffolk County Department of Economic Development, PSEG, National Grid, and others.
Following the breakout panels, attendees will return to the Patchogue Theatre for a ‘Taste of Patchogue’ lunch, with food donated by local restaurants. Check-in and registration will begin at 8 AM with the Welcome Panel to follow at 9 AM at the Patchogue Theatre.
Charting the Course is part of effort started by Presiding Office DuWayne Gregory in 2016 to bring business and local government together. This will be the first CTC event held in the Seventh District. To RSVP contact Christina DeLisi at (631) 853-6377 or email ecodev.legislature@suffolkcountyny.gov.

Robert Calarco
Suffolk County Legislator

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