Atlantic Color Corp Is Tops At Its Game

002 007 008 010 012 IMG_3008by Barbara LaMonica
As requests for producing higher quality print publications are ratcheting up to keep pace with ever-increasing demands for high speed deadlines in the quest for instantaneous news and information, so too, does the imperative for printing companies to invest in their product to meet those escalating demands.
Shirley-based Atlantic Color Corporation is a commercial cold web print company where rolls of paper print materials off a cold press. Joe Calandra, Vice President of Operations for Atlantic Color Corporation details his company’s philosophy: “Our business philosophy is that we buy the best raw materials on the market, because we don’t believe in cheap printing. There are companies out there who believe in volume before quality, but for us, it is about quality first for our clients,” Calandra explains.
Atlantic Color Corporation’s list of clientele includes but is not limited to the East Hampton Star, Southampton Press, South Shore Press, Long Island Business News, Times Review Newspapers, Sag Harbor Express, Rutgers Observer, and a host of boating publications, local libraries, school district newsletters and newspapers as community publications with mailing lists. “We do everything from classified cars to help wanted 8 ½ by 11 magazines to full-blown tabloids, and we also insert flyers and fulfillment after printing,” Calandra said. And, Calandra points out that from visual standpoints, publications span the gamut of black ink to a full four-color ink. “We also help start up various publications,” he notes.
For Atlantic Color Corporation to meet their elite clienteles’ demands, that translates to a staff of 32 individuals including management who work Monday through Friday in two 18-hour shifts in 25,000 square foot facilities. Equally as important, each of Atlantic’s clients is as elite as the next, where Calandra says every job request is fulfilled with the same amount of attention to detail per job and courtesy to their customers.
In paying attention to detail, climate surprisingly to those not familiar to the industry, plays a key role in the finished product. “The environment is important in working with the climate in terms of the end product,” Calandra explains. For example, the facility is equipped with humidifiers in the winter to keep the building moist in contrast to air conditioning in the summer for regulated climate control conditions where as many as 30,000 copies roll off the press per hour. “We have east end real estate ads where $10 million to $50 million homes are sold, and these ads must be precise putting us under a lot of pressure to perform, so,” Calandra underscores, “we can’t cut corners and we have very well-trained craftsmen and women. Printing,” Calandra said, “is not just printing and pushing papers out the door. Printing is an art.” While Best Fisherman Magazine published its inaugural edition in April 1966 under Richard Reina, Atlantic Color Corporation was founded in 1979.
Atlantic Color Corporation is located at 14 Ramsey Road in Shirley. For more information on printing materials or publications call (631) 345-3800, extension 206 or extension 203. Companies or entities may also submit bids for price quotes by visiting the website at www.atlanticcolor.com.

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