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Dear Editor:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve once again as trustee for the MMS Community Library. I look forward to working with you all and I am excited to move forward with plans to improve our library’s programs and facility.
So many friends and neighbors have shown that they too love our library and want to keep improving what we have. There was a very strong message presented to us which was demonstrated by the number of residents that turned out to vote and the numerous folks asking for me to keep moving forward with our community’s vision. I will do my best to keep communication open with library staff, community residents and elected officials to help us reach our goal to create the facility we desire.
THANK YOU for this opportunity and for your trust to do what we can to give our community what it truly deserves!

Wendy Gross

Wanda’s Weight Room Plus

Dear Editor:

As a former teacher’s aide, future Special Education Teacher, and a current Direct Care Counselor, I can honestly say the special needs program at Wanda’s Weight Room Plus is extremely beneficial to those individuals who are a part of it. These people have duties such as, greeting and signing in members, cleaning the machines as they engage in conversation with other members, and simply having a “purpose” in such a happy environment. As a Direct Care Counselor for the past four years, I have had many clients with Down syndrome, Autism, Schizophrenia, and the list can go on and on. However, having a program like the Weight Room Plus’s program creates realistic goals, establishes life skills, and most importantly builds these individuals self-confidence to a level that may not have existed before this program. Personally, I plan my daily gym hours around the time that these individuals will be there. Being greeted by Jill, a beautiful young adult who has Down syndrome, not only warms my heart with her high-spirited “hellos” but creates such a cheerful atmosphere it’s nearly impossible not to smile ear-to-ear speaking with her.
Typically, individuals with special needs are grouped together and only have contact with other special needs adults and/or children. Many outsiders refer to these individuals as having their own “population”. That is what The Weight Room Plus is trying to eliminate. We may need different modifications and adaptions but at the end of the day, special needs or not, we are all equal. Having this program and including these individuals in daily life activities while exposing the “general education” population to the “special education” population, is a fantastic way to clear up any misconceptions one may have about either “population”. Let’s be real, with the rapid increase in diagnosis of Autism and many other exceptionalities, it is crucial to understand and acknowledge these individuals for who they are.
I, Mary Warren would like to nominate The Weight Room Plus for the Random Acts of Kindness award held by The South Shore Press. The Weight Room Plus has surpassed all expectations. Their program for mentally and physically challenged adults and adolescences is only one of many that they have mastered. The staff members are extremely compassionate, devoted, and all around wonderful people. Without their kind word, constant motivation, and devoted acceptance, I would not be the person I am today. I would like to thank The Weight Room Plus and all their incredible staff for the wonderful job they do, day in and day out. Take a trip to The Weight Room Plus, it will be evident that they deserve this award and many more.

Mary Warren

Open Letter To Suffolk County

Dear Editor:

As residents of Suffolk we are by location, water and land stewards. We have the gift and the responsibility as a county to protect and care for our land and all of its ecological assets. In this spirit, I ask you to stand with me in that stewardship and request legislation to ban Styrofoam containers from Suffolk County, via my petition, “Suffolk County Says No To Styrofoam”.
All too often, as I’m sure you’ve seen, Styrofoam drink and food containers lay strewn along road and tree lines, making their way into local waters and forest areas.
Styrofoam, is a petroleum product that has been found to be toxic to nature and to the human body. In our land and aquatic life, it causes choking, starvation by blockage, poisoning and death when ingested, often done by unknowing and hungry wildlife. The EPA has named it the 5th largest source of hazardous waste in the U.S., a product that takes 500 years to biodegrade, or more likely never, like its’ cousin, the plastic bag (which has already begun to be widely banned by counties, states and countries across the world).
How does it affect you? When you choose Styrofoam for a hot beverage or pick up a hot lunch in a to go container the heat causes the product to leach toxic chemicals such as benzene and stryene into your drink and food. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared stryene a very possible human carcinogen; other studies have linked the two chemicals to Parkinson’s as well as leukemia. No matter how you spin it, you are ingesting petroleum bi-product every time you consume from these containers when heated.
With this knowledge in hand, let us join New York City, Washington D.C, cities in California, Florida, Maine and more in their wise decisions to ban Styrofoam containers. The facts are there, its time to take action. Lets help our home. In today’s world it is more important than ever that we ALL participate in creating a better tomorrow. If you agree and want to lend your voice, find this Petition online at Change.org: https://www.change.org/p/suffolk-county-lets-ban-styrofoam-containers or join our Facebook Page, use search bar for: “Suffolk County Says No to Styrofoam Containers”, the Petition can be found there as well.

Farran Liehr




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