Geezing Continued!

Happy Senior Couple Using Cell Phone Isolated on a White Background.Let’s pick right up where we left off last week –
• You have been through nearly every kind of depredation imaginable and survived; no money, no job, no food, no TV, no clothes, no friends, no experience – so you can handle just about anything that comes your way!
• You are capable of living without your cell phone for more than 24 hours!
• You are capable of letting your cell phone ring, beep, play or whatever, without answering it until you’re darned good and ready!
• You can go for days and weeks without turning on your computer!
• You know pretty much EVERYTHING!
• You probably won’t live long enough to pay the national debt the government is racking up!
• You can advise anyone because no one has been around long enough to be able to check on your experience or expertise!
• During the next war you won’t have to dodge the draft!

• Ask the same questions and tell the same stories and anecdotes over and over again
• Give them way too much information about your illness, physical condition, or medical exam
• Pretend to fall asleep in mid-sentence and observe how they react
• Try your best to dress like a teenager: sag your pants, wear spaghetti-strap tank tops, get some piercings and tattoos (fake of course)
• Get huge speakers and play Frank Sinatra while cruising in your car – turn up the bass until you reach the decibel level of a nuclear explosion or tsunami
• Drive at half the speed limit everywhere you go
• Pimp your wheelchair really cool – display skull flags, while playing your “air-guitar”
Next week join me for a continued look into the “Geezer” life!
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