Mandatory E-Prescribing

dt_150520_tablet_ipad_doctor_prescription_800x600Since the start of the mandatory E-prescribing on March 27th 2016 from doctors offices to pharmacies has electronic prescribing plagued by numerous interface problems and communications gaps between physician’s offices and pharmacies. Some of the deficiencies reflect underlying structural problems in the electronic prescribing software that many physicians use.
Many patients are furious over this mandate and not being able to shop around for prescription medication prices that fits their budget. They are stuck with one pharmacy. Once at a doctor’s office, You give him a pharmacy name and number, where the doctor then sends through electronic transmission your prescription.
Another issue that was brought up on the e-prescribing was patients going to their preferred pharmacy of their choice after leaving their doctor’s office and finding out that their prescription was not ready or was not yet received and/or processed, causing long lines at the pharmacy pick up counter or the pharmacy experiencing some irate customers waiting for their prescriptions for over an hour or more after leaving the physician’s office. The biggest issues pharmacies are having is that manpower is not available. Pharmacies tend to have manpower working according to past customer’s demand, which is not always the case. You can’t predict customer patronage according to past history.
Three-quarters of the physician’s offices have been experiencing difficulties in prescribing electronically to mail-order companies. This has become problematic with maintenance prescriptions sent directly to mail order pharmacies where the patient needs to start a particular medication immediately and the pharmacy is being directed that the patients prescription may only be filled by mail order. Another issue that has been a concern for pharmacists is the drug interactions or allergies the patients may experience that the physicians may not be aware of.
The upside to e-prescribing is less paperwork for the physician and for the pharmacy to handle which may result in a prescription getting lost or misplaced. The downside is what systems pharmacies have, in case their computer systems crash and all data is erased and gone in cyber world?
E-prescribing also prevents patients from doctor/provider shopping for narcotic and or controlled substance prescriptions. E-prescribing prevents fraudulent prescriptions from being written and brought to pharmacies and dispensed to the patients in large quantity.

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