Live Homework Help from the Library Helps Students After Hours

o-STUDENT-COMPUTER-facebook“I need three more sources about Eleanor Roosevelt for my essay,” or “I don’t remember how to do long division the way the teacher showed us,” or “I was supposed to do a pre-SAT practice test but I left it in my locker.” It’s 7 o’clock, on a Sunday, and the library is closed! Now what? Many students rely on the Internet as a source of information, but Google answers don’t always measure up to successful school assignments. The Community Library is a great source of personal assistance for students of all ages, but after hours residents can also take advantage of a special online product designed just for students, called Brainfuse Help Now. You can access this service for free over the Internet using your library card barcode. To use it, just go to the library’s website www.communitylibrary.org and click the Live Help button. Choose Live Study Help and you’re ready to get started. The service is available every day from 2 p.m. – 11 p.m., with some features like the writing lab available 24/7 on a submit-and-respond basis.
Brainfuse Help Now employs certified teachers in all subject levels who interact with you in real time in a chat and whiteboard interface online. Rather than doing homework for you, they are trained to guide and coach students to work out the answers on their own. Students can get help in math, science, reading/writing, social studies, AP classes and even prepping for state standardized tests, as well as the PSAT/SAT and ACT exams. Brainfuse Help Now tutors know curriculum standards and even the “new math” methods. Tutors even provide help in Spanish language.
In addition to the live help sessions, the Brainfuse Help Now offers unique features that supplement student learning beyond just homework help. The Skills Building feature allows students to choose state-aligned lesson plans to practice what they are learning at school. Features such as My File Sharing allows students to send work in-progress to tutors for constructive feedback. My Session Replay captures the entire help session, so students can review it even after the session has ended and reinforce what they already learned. My Tutoring Archive saves all the student’s tutoring sessions, and My Test Archive allows them to save and review any practice tests they may have taken through the service. A 24 hour Writing Lab is another valuable tool which allows students to submit essays and any other form of writing ahead of their assignment due date for constructive feedback. A writing tutor will read it and make suggestions on what can be improved or corrected, and get back to the student. With features like this, even students who don’t need tutoring should use it just to supplement their classroom experience outside of school.
The service isn’t limited to just K-12 students, either. Many adults are returning to school either to complete High School equivalency diplomas, or attain college degrees to improve their job prospects and skills. Adult learners can benefit from Live Help’s library of rich adult learning content (GED) and live, professional assistance in resume/cover letter writing, U.S. citizenship preparation, or learning software like MS Office Essential Skills Series.
Residents of Mastic, Mastic Beach, Moriches, and Shirley who don’t yet have a library card can even sign up for a temporary library card online at live-brary.com and begin using the Live Help service the same afternoon. If you thought going to the library to finish your homework was just about getting some books or reading an encyclopedia article, we’ve come a long way from those days! Online products like Brainfuse Help Now provides a cost effective academic support system that families should take advantage of. Working parent households, families with one or more students across ages and learning spectrums, students who may benefit from tutoring help on a specific subject, students who require general homework help to stay on top of assignments, and/or thrive with one-on-one guidance are just some of the many learners who could benefit from the library’s Live Help.

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