South Shore Press Endorses Gross For Library Trustee

Wendy Gross Mailer_2012_Layout 1 2Normally the South Shore Press does not do endorsements however this year the MMS Community Library is at very important crossroads and it is important to have continued strong leadership to take the library in a new direction. This is why we are endorsing the re-election of Wendy Gross.
Over the last five years the board of trustees and the library staff have worked to educate the community and residents about the difficulties they are facing.
The library is old and is in major need of repair, upgrades and improvements. There are serious asbestos issues and parking has always been a problem.
The trustees and staff have done the best job that they could with the resources they have.
The question is can the library be renovated properly at the current location or is there a need for a new facility.
We believe the trustees and staff have made the argument for a new facility.
They have held numerous public workshops and meetings. They have done numerous mailings and have attended numerous community groups to explain what is needed, how much it will cost and why a new facility is the way to go. We completely agree.
Supervisor Romaine and Councilman Panico were able to get the library property for free at the old Links at Shirley golf course a few miles south of their current location.
For the last two years, the library trustees have held the line on taxes and have demonstrated their concern for the taxpayers. They understand the value of a dollar and are making wise choices on behalf of the taxpayers.
The election for library trustee on April 4th puts incumbent Wendy Gross against challenger Ray Keenan.
Mrs Gross supports the construction of a new facility. She is a member of numerous community groups and is a very active library trustee.
Mr. Keenan on the other hand thinks the old facility can be fixed. We completely disagree.
Mr. Keenan admitted to The South Shore Press that he is not a regular user of the library. In fact, he doesn’t even have a library card.
The South Shore Press believes that this year’s election for trustee is more important than ever.
It’s an election about the future of the library. It’s an election about the future of our community. We believe it’s an election about the type and quality of services we provide our to children.
We believe Mrs. Gross has demonstrated that she has had the best interest of out community and our children as her primary goals over the last five years as trustee and thats why we are pleased to endorse her for re-election.


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