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CSC_1307St. Jude’s Update

Dear Editor:

As many of you are aware, a new Shrine Chapel is going to be built at St. Jude’s Parish on Neighborhood Road in Mastic Beach. I would like to give you all an update as to our progress.
The original church was demolished along with the original rectory. All debris was carted and the grounds are ready for construction. As soon as we receive approval from the Diocese of Rockville Centre we will submit our building plans to the village for issuance of a building permit.
Any historical artifacts, stained glass windows, tabernacle, etc. that we were able to salvage is now in storage and will be used in our new Chapel.
All monies pledged, collected, or donated for this building campaign will be used for the construction of the building, beautification of the grounds and religious reliquary. There were projects included in those monies and that were originally earmarked for the replacement of a new HVAC system in the main church, which has been completed. Any residual funds will stay with the Parish.
The building will be a prefabricated structure, which is highly energy efficient and structurally sound. Most of the electric, drywall, and plumbing will come with the installation. However, we will be seeking local tradesmen for painting, additional electrical work for the interior and exterior, plumbing, masonry and landscape design, fire system, alarm system and sprinklers.
Anyone who is licensed and insured is welcomed to submit a bid. The Diocese of Rockville Centre requires that each vendor provide proof of insurance (no Accord forms) up to three million dollars naming the Diocese and St. Jude as insured; workman’s comp documentation and full scope of work.
All work will be kept within our community. Those tradesmen who wish to be part of the bid process are encouraged to contact me for specs. Only those who meet the criteria described above will be chosen.
This project, when completed, will be a beacon for our community. It will be a place of peace and a testament to the good people who live and work in our beautiful town. If you have any questions, or wish to gather more information, please do not hesitate to contact me, Barbara Kruk, at (631) 281-0800. On behalf of myself and the Parish we thank the community for their love, support and generosity.
Together we can make great things happen!

Barbara Kruk

I am Voting For Wendy Gross

Dear Editor:

I was alarmed to learn Ray Keenan would be challenging Wendy Gross for her seat on the Mastics Moriches Shirley Community Library Board of Trustees. Mr. Keenan, during board meetings, has positioned himself an unrepentant adversary to all the library seeks to offer its patrons. His motives must be called into question.
His coverage in the March 22 edition of The South Shore Press confirmed that Mr. Keenan “doesn’t go much to the library” and is indicative of a disconnect between this unfitting candidate and the community in which he resides. Mr. Keenan, on his hunt for the source of mystery pizza expenses, might consider turning to his monthly library newsletter and taking note of the numerous programs that clearly advertise the provision of snacks. I can only assume that his unrelenting ignorance signals that either he isn’t a library patron, or he can’t be bothered to open the informational publication. In either case, what makes him qualified to be on the board? A library is not and will never be free of charge, especially when it is a safe-haven for our youth.
Mr. Keenan says he hopes to “represent the interest of this community” but his condemnation of library participation in Rotary and Colonial Youth events proves that his feigned concern for our welfare is a thinly veiled defense of his own. To prey on financial fears of people in this community and promise to cut the programs that benefit them most, is dishonest and wrong.
While thoughtful spending is clearly a concern for the families who this library serves, the value of the programs presented by the board of trustees gives us hope for a bright future. Public access to collections and courses, educational programs for all ages, and a safe space that fosters growth, support in literacy, educational achievement and social collaboration are perceived by Mr. Keenan as “wasteful spending”. Obviously, he either has no need for them, or has a complete lack of appreciation for what a library is and does, and no consideration for the countless people it serves.
It is no secret that Mr. Keenan threatens to thwart plans for a proposed new library. Expansion and renovation would require the existing site to close. Renovation is not free! For two long years, every person who uses the library, will miss the invaluable things it has continuously offered. Is promising to cut costs, and simultaneously fund the extensive renovation of the facility contingent on drastic cuts to programming and operational hours?
At least one-thousand of us use the MMSC Library each day. We must speak with our votes, and show Mr. Keenan we believe that our community is worth investing our time and our tax dollars in.
On Tuesday, April 4th, I will enthusiastically cast a vote for Wendy Gross to remain on the board of trustees as she has proven her understanding of the needs of this community profoundly and truthfully.

Marissa Nargi
Shirley resident



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