senior-couple-having-fun-camping-with-RVGiven the state of the country and the negative nightly news, I felt it time to once again reach into my inventory of fun topics and pull out this topic of “geezing!” Hope you enjoy and can relate!

“Geezing” is not easy! It’s definitely not for sissies! That’s why God made geezers out of people who have plenty of experience and maturity. If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, you just might be man or woman enough to be a geezer.
• Can you nap 4 times-a-day and still fall asleep in the middle of the 5:00 o’clock news?
• Can you wake up every morning at 4:30 and be at your best for two or three hours until you need your first nap?
• Can you engineer every conversation you ever have in to a description of your last surgery or some heath problem?
• Can you drive everywhere at half the speed limit?
• Can you abstain for years from video games, from listening to any music but oldies and silence, and from caring how you look?
• Can you get the meaning of most conversations by reading lips or by guessing what people are saying from their body language?

How to think like a geezer –
Geezers have a unique view of life, being closed minded to doing everything, out of fear that something will go wrong! Life can be so simple when the answer to everything is “NO!” They are of the opinion that everything costs too much, when compared to 1959 prices. Cars cost way too much when compared to the 1963 Edsel. Gas is too expensive, so they limit their travels to the post office, the doctor and wherever younger people are going just to irritate them (just ask the youngins’ in your family.) Motel rooms are too expensive, so they corner the market on RVing!

Next week join me here for a continued look into the geezer life!

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