Bellport Village St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2017

DSC06251-X3 DSC06252-X3 DSC06254-X3 DSC06256-X3 DSC06257-X3 DSC06263-X3 DSC06264-X3 DSC06272-X3 DSC06275-X3 DSC06276-X3 DSC06279-X3 DSC06301-X3 DSC06303-X3 DSCF7168-X2 DSCF7170-X2 DSCF7172-X2 DSCF7173-X2 DSCF7174-X2 DSCF7175-X2 DSCF7183-X2 DSCF7185-X2 DSCF7186-X2 DSCF7187-X2 DSCF7189-X2 DSCF7190-X2 DSCF7193-X2 DSCF7204-X2 DSCF7205-X2 DSCF7208-X2 DSCF7209-X2 DSCF7210-X2 DSCF7218-X2 DSCF7225-X2Hundreds lined Main Street last weekend in Bellport Village to kick-off the annual St. Patrick’s Parade that sponsored by the Bellport Fire Department.
The parade featured numerous bands, music and volunteers marching to celebrate the “Luck of the Irish”.
Photos by Roe Carroll.

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