The Facts Of Birth Order

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Some scientists believe that birth order – whether you were born first, second, or last in your family – has a big influence on the kind of person you are, as well as the kinds of romances you’re best suited for.

Below are some of the characteristics that apply to different members of the family –

• FIRSTBORN: typical firstborns are perfectionists. They’re reliable, conscientious, well-organized, and goal-oriented. They believe in law and order, and respect authority. Oldest children are also very competitive, since they are often convinced that their younger siblings will outshine them.

• MIDDLE CHILD: because middle children are trapped between an older sibling and the baby of the family, they learn to become great negotiators. They are eager to compromise. Middle children are also the most likely to move away from home when they grow up.

• YOUNGEST CHILD: the baby of the family is often the clown. Youngest children grab the spotlight and hold on tight. To do this, they must develop their creativity. Youngest children often grown up to be both charming and rebellious.

• ONLY CHILD: like eldest children, onlies are perfectionists who can be relied on. They are loyal, conscientious, and scholarly. But unlike eldest children, who eventually have to share space at the dinner table with other kids, only children have spent their family life completely in the company of adults. Often this leaves them feeling unsure of themselves, and concerned that they’re not up to par. After all, their standards have always been based on adults – which sets the bar really high.

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