Don’t Be Fooled By Companies Offering To Resolve Your Mortgage Foreclosure

For SaleLike most counties throughout the United States, Suffolk County has seen its fair share of mortgage foreclosures since the decline of the housing and financial markets.
Unfortunately, the large volume of foreclosures has led to new and creative ways for scammers to prey on those seeking to get out of finical difficulties. Several outfits, describing themselves as debt relief or foreclosure avoidance companies, have stolen thousands of dollars from unsuspecting homeowners attempting to save their homes and avoid foreclosure.
Homeowners should know there are resources available to help navigate them through the process and help determine whether these companies can offer assistance or are just trying to make money while offering little or no help.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers assistance by directing homeowners to HUD approved counseling agencies. They provide a searchable database that provides housing and credit counselors closest to your home. The HUD website can be accessed at HUD.gov.
The New York Attorney General has also setup a site where you can determine whether the company offering to provide assistance is reputable and also away to report those that are not. Their site is available at AGScamHelp.com.
It’s important for Suffolk County residents to utilize these tools to increase the likelihood that they avoid foreclosure. In 2016, nearly 5,000 homes entered the foreclosure process in Suffolk County.


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