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County Clerk Judith Pascale and the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office have expanded its on-line land record retrieval system and Land Record & Court Hotline to provide access 24-hours a day.
The information online is available in index form only, and does not contain images of the actual records. However, access to this information is an incredibly useful tool for the residents, and businesses that service the residents, of Suffolk County. After locating a record, copies can be purchased from the County Clerk’s Office.
Currently, indexes to deed, mortgage, judgment, lien, UCC, business certificate and corporation records are available via the website.
Additionally, the automated telephone service is available 24/7 and allows attorneys, title professionals, banks, as well as the general public, to enter their tax map property identification number and/or Supreme Court Index number into an automated system that will provide recent activity, i.e. deed transfers, mortgage satisfactions and/or court filings.
“As County Clerk it has always been my goal to provide the best services to the residents of Suffolk County. By increasing the range of available land record data back to 1987, we have provided a safe and efficient means for the residents of Suffolk County to check their property information on-line and avoiding the need to visit our office in Riverhead. Furthermore, by limiting the information available to data only, we have ensured that the privacy concerns of residents remain paramount,” commented Suffolk County Clerk Judith A. Pascale.
Property information is only retrievable by utilizing your distinct property tax map number which appears on your tax bill or with the case index number for Supreme Court lawsuits.
“The Suffolk County Clerk’s Office is pleased to provide the latest in safe efficient retrieval of land record information, while protecting the records from anyone who may use them for illegitimate reasons,” concluded Suffolk County Clerk Judith A. Pascale.
Residents are encouraged to visit the Suffolk County Clerk’s website at SuffolkCountyNY.gov/Clerk for more information. The automated telephone service is available by dialing 631-852-2000 ext. 650.

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