The Power of a Plant-Strong Diet to Fight


Dear Editor:

Thank you for raising awareness about cancer prevention, and for publishing Legislator Muratore’s letter about American Heart Month.
People need to know about the power of a plant-strong diet to help fight cancer and heart disease. But wait, it gets better: the same diet can also prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes. See if your doctor is aware of the benefits of a healthy plant-strong, or vegan, diet. Watch “Forks Over Knives”—it’s on Netflix and in the library system (over 40 dvds available).
The good news is more and more Americans are turning their health around for the better by going plant-strong. There is evidence that eating this way can fight prostate cancer and improve breast cancer survival. You’ll find online resources at:
PCRM.org (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine),
NutritionFacts.org, and
If you need local support, my meetup group is free to join: Vegan Long Island Meetup, at meetup.com.

Jennifer Greene
Bellport, Vegan Long Island

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