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For those of you who faithfully follow my column, I am sure you will agree that while necessary, the topics of the last few weeks have been quite compelling! So, I felt a need to focus on a brighter side of the moon and have reached into my inventory of “feel good” materials. The following is a poem written by a very kindred spirit of a woman known as Marilyn M, whom I have had the wonderful opportunity to be part of my life. Enjoy her interpretation of

The crown of light that rises over the footstool of heaven,
The dewdrop dancing on a blade of grass beneath the sun,
The folding of the mimosa leaf as evening shadows grow,
The last ray of light before the blanket of darkness.


The brook which holds within its heart the memories of the years,
The tree’s sweeping boughs as they bend to touch the ground’s carpet,
The birds chirping anthems of praise to their maker above,
The raindrops unlocking treasured thoughts to ripple the brook.


The unborn seedling as it sleeps beneath crystals of snow,
The labor of nature bringing forth the miracle of life,
The birth of a rosebud as it reveals God’s mysteries,
The golden leaves of autumn drifting to the bed of their birth.


The pounding waves of the ocean as each curl teases the shores,
The beams of sunlight crowning waves with precious jewels,
The gust of wind acting as hammer and chisel on the dunes,
The eternal lullaby of the sea sung to mankind.


The salty tears of sadness cried before there would be joy,
The ain of grief and sorrow before there would be pace of mind,
The lingering hunger before there would be fulfillment,
The hurt of heartache before there would be eternal love.


The soft voice which stills the tempest of human suffering,
The comforting nearness and warmth of one who would understand,
The silence of man as he seeks to hear unspoken words,
The uniting of two souls as each would know the other.


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