DSC_0200 (2) DSC_0178 (2) DSC_0188 (2) DSC_0198 (3) DSC_0200 (2) DSC_0202DSC_0215 (3)story and photos by Joan Travan

One of the highlights and memories of a child’s experience in Cub Scouts is their participation in the Pinewood Derby.
Started in 1953, Cub Scouts have built the cars with a parent or mentor; this strengthens bonds and builds confidence, craftsmanship, and sportsmanship through competition. The derby stays close to its roots promoting respect for others through friendly competition. The small pinewood cars are painted and put together by the scout, where they then compete in their pack’s own Pinewood Derby.
Donald Murphy, the derby creator, stated in 1953 that he wanted to devise a wholesome, constructive activity that would foster a closer father-son relationship and promote an exciting competition.
Since then, over one hundred million cars have been built and raced in this American classic activity.

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