By Barbara Guarino Kruk
Those of you who are of a tender age (50+) will remember the long running comedy “My Three Sons” which followed the hapless adventures of three growing boys. It was, which sadly I can attest, a hilariously, heartwarming weekly program. The story centered around a widower who is left to raise three precocious and inquisitive young boys. Every week we watched this poor man struggle to bring order and wisdom to his household. Amazing what you can accomplish in thirty minutes.
Eleanor Barile, widowed in 1998, of course by then, her brood were already grown, had her own version of “My Three Sons”this working mom, an icon in the William Floyd School District, where she worked for countless years. She was a hard worker and dedicated to the enrichment of our children.
It all began with the twins, Barry and Garry, then came Steven. I went to school with Barry and Garry. Nice guys for sure, but I am sure they cooked up many a scheme at home. Steven, the youngest, probably fell victim to his plotting brothers. Mom was always at the ready to call ‘foul’ when the games got too rough.
Eleanor Barile, eight-five, died peacefully at Brookhaven Memorial hospital on January 25th, 2017. Her boys putting their own lives on hold rallied around her; caring for her until the final moment.
Eleanor was always involved in school matters, was an animal lover and advocate, and kept her boys happily fed with some great cooking and baking. With a sharp mind, she enjoyed working on crossword puzzles as well as jig saw puzzles. She enjoyed knitting and doo wop music.
To her delight, her boys gave her the ultimate gift; grandchildren. They even threw in a couple of girls, for her to dress-up and spoil. She was the loving grandmother of Eric, Vanessa, Steven, Brandan, Mary Ann and great-grandmother to Mason and Charlie.
Three loving and devoted sons cared for their mom until her final days; much like that great sitcom of so many years ago, Eleanor Barile, raised three good men.

Eleanor Barile, age 85 years old of Shirley, died at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital on January 25, 2017. Eleanor was born in Queens and was retired as a secretary for the William Floyd School District. She enjoyed doing crossword puzzles as well as jig-saw puzzles, knitting, she was an animal lover and enjoyed listening to doo wop music. She was a great cook and baker. Eleanor was married to Rocco John Barile who died in 1998. She is survived by her three loving sons, Barry (Jean), Garry, Steven (Lisette) and was the beloved grandmother to Eric, Vanessa, Steven, Brandan, Mary Ann and great-grandmother to Mason and Charlie. Family and friends were welcomed at Roma Funeral Home in Shirley. Services were conducted by the Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church. Interment took place at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Center Moriches.

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