Protestors Picket Congressman’s Award Ceremony

SSP.Protes.LeeZelden.DLM.2017-0212 SSP.Protes.LeeZelden.DLM SSP.Protes.LeeZelden.DLM2 SSP.Protes.LeeZelden.DLM3Photos by Kali Monaco

Approximately one hundred people attended the Rotary Club of Shirley and the Mastics Man of Year Dinner that was held last Friday at the Sunset Harbour Club in East Patchogue honoring Congressman Lee Zeldin.
But these people were not there to honor Congressman Zeldin. They were there to protest Zeldin’s support for President Donald Trump. Protestors also opposed many of the recent Executive orders that have been signed by President Trump.
Despite protestors, over one hundred and fifty community, business and governmental leaders packed the Sunset Harbour Club to praise Congressman Zeldin for his service and work.

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