Floyd Academy Students Make Honor Roll

WFSD Floyd Academy honor rollIn an effort to celebrate student achievement, the Floyd Academy has instituted an honor roll as a way to recognize the success of students achieving a grade point average of 85 or higher. Floyd Academy Principal John DeBenedetto said this recognition “reflects increased expectation, rigor and achievement.”
Congratulations to the following honor roll students Lena Amodeo, Elena Drankwalter, Anissa Ferreri, Natalia Figueroa, Sean Garcia, Stefan Goins, Marina Guggino, Megan Healy, Jaylene Hernandez, Tyler Higgins, Ashley Jahrsdoerfer, Samantha Libasci, Jayleen Mendez, Joseph Pelosi, Alina Riccio, Ariana Riccio, Jolmarie Rivera-Rodriguez, Nataia Smith, Rhiannon Spence, Michelle Stewart, Justin Thomas and Lilly Toriano.

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