1040Man, A Tax Organization Set Out to Help the “Little Guy”

DSCN1045_CroppedRichard Ziegler, former IRS tax examiner and President of 1040MAN, a business in Shirley that provides tax and accounting services, is a businessman who truly wants to “help the little guy and everyone else too.”
“I worked at the IRS prior to opening my own office,” said Ziegler. “As a former tax examiner, I saw a lot of tax returns and amended tax returns. In doing so, I was able to see what the wealthy did to reduce their taxes. So I decided I wanted to take this knowledge and help individuals and small businesses do the same.”
Everyone on the 1040Man staff is either a Certified Public Accountant, public accountant, or is a registered tax return preparer with years of experience. “Even though every person on my staff is qualified and I don’t need to sit with every client, I still review every return before it is filed,” said Ziegler.
Aside from personal tax returns, 1040Man also offers incorporations, payroll, sales tax, bookkeeping, write ups, bank statement reconciliation and more. “We also take a look at your last three years’ returns and if we see anything that is incorrect or should have been claimed, we amend them,” said Ziegler. “This often puts additional money in our clients’ pockets or lowers their debt.”
Busy season is from the middle of January to April 15, but 1040Man is open all year. “The season never really ends,” said Ziegler. “There are always individuals and corporations on extension or people who still haven’t filed. We have people that have had prior issues, quarterly business taxes, write ups and questions and we offer free consultations during the off season.”
When Ziegler left the IRS in 2003, he opened his own office with the intention of being more helpful and personal to the average person than most tax preparation firms who may not be open all year round. “There are also the CPAs who think they are superior to you and charge higher fees,” said Ziegler.
Ziegler wanted his office to be private so clients may have their taxes prepared confidentially. “I feel it eases a client’s mind to be able to sit down and speak privately with one of us while we prepare their taxes,” said Ziegler. “My job is to make your taxes worry free and to help you benefit from the deductions allowed to you, that you may not even know existed.”
Ziegler said one year he had a woman come to his office who was notified by the IRS that she and her husband owed over $180,000. After Ziegler reviewed the situation, his client received a refund in the end. “These situations occur when people never file or haven’t filed in some time,” said Ziegler. “When the IRS or the state file for you, they give you no deductions so people think they owe all this money. Once I file for them, they end up not owing or owing significantly less.”
Ziegler explained most of the time people never owe what the IRS or state says they owe. However, people will go years without filing because they are worried about what they are going to owe and how to pay it. Ziegler advises clients not to be scared and eases their concerns.
“The issue needs to be addressed and people need to file so they at least know where they stand,” said Ziegler. “If there is any balance due, installment arrangements can always be set up and you can possibly qualify for an Offer in Compromise (OIC). The IRS has expanded the criteria for the OIC to help people because of the economy and a lot of people that do owe now meet the criteria.”
The office of 1040Man is located at 944 Montauk Highway, Suite A in Shirley. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 631-293-1040.

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