Legislator Browning & Rebuilding Together Long Island Team Up to Repair Home for Vulnerable Resident

IMG_5419 Hurricane Sandy occurred four years ago, but unfortunately there are many homeowners still suffering from the devastating consequences caused by the storm. One of those affected is Gabriella Tomanovits Ambrosini of Mastic Beach. She applied for funds after Sandy for repairs, but only secured enough to replace her roof. With so many problems the home has deteriorated with time and exposure to weather conditions. Legislator Kate Browning’s Chief of Staff, Josh Slaughter, discovered the dangerous conditions while going door to door in the community and referred Mrs. Ambrosini to the non-profit organization Rebuilding Together Long Island. Legislator Kate Browning (WF-Shirley) was joined by representatives from Rebuilding Together Long Island, Marcor Construction, ABC Building Supplies and Allied Building Products to announce that work has begun on the home free of charge through generous grants from community sources.
Gabriella Tomanovits Ambrosini, a 65 year old, very low income resident who lives alone with a heart defect, fibromyalgia, and partial blindness is receiving the major renovation at her Mastic Beach home courtesy of Rebuilding Together Long Island, an all-volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and repair houses for low-income homeowners free of charge, and Marco Construction. The building materials were donated courtesy of ABC Building Supplies and Allied Building Products.
Rebuilding Together Long Island determined the repairs were beyond the scope of work their volunteers could handle, which is why additional community resources were pursued. The entire home had been without hot water for almost a year, and has holes in the interior walls caused by repairs of busted pipes that froze last winter. Sheetrock in those areas must be repaired. The back and side walls of the home need to be replaced, including the interior and siding on the outside. A second floor bay window in the kitchen had a tree limb hit the wall and roof, crushing the entire area, which is currently falling and needs to be re-constructed. In addition, there were cesspool problems and an oil burner was needed, which have been corrected through the help of Suffolk County’s Department of Social Services.
“We have so many vulnerable residents who simply don’t have the means to address serious issues,” said Legislator Browning. “Many of them are unaware of the resources out there to help. I can’t thank Rebuilding Long Island enough. They went above and beyond to address the many needs of Mrs. Ambrosini. I also need to acknowledge the great work of my staff because this would never have been accomplished if it weren’t for their hard work and outreach to the communities I represent.”

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