Incidents of domestic violence are believed to be significantly under-reported and misdiagnosed. This factor, coupled with known cases on record, reveals a much larger problem for society.

Reasons for not reporting a domestic incident include –
• A tendency to down-play the incident
• A hesitancy to make public, a “private, personal” matter
• A reluctance to criminalize a “family” matter
• An inability to adequately articulate abuse which is not
physically apparent
• Lack of faith in the “system”
• Fear of reprisal
• Domestic violence is believed to be the most common yet least reported
crime in the country
• The full magnitude of the problem may never be realized due to the
non-reporting of abusive incidents.
• An estimated 6 million American women are beaten each year by their
male partners.
• Over 4,000 women are killed as a result of domesticviolence each year.
• A female is more likely to be assaulted, injured, raped or killed by a
male partner than by any other type of assailant.
• Wife-beating results in more injuries requiring medical treatment than
rape, auto accidents and muggings combined.
• Approximately 50 per cent of all marriages experience at least one
episode of domestic violence
• Approximately 20 per cent of all marriages experience on-going
episodes of domestic violence (5 or more incidents per year).
• Once victimized, the chances are high of being victimized again.
• Pregnancy or disability is not a deterrent to being victimized; pregnancy
often triggers the first assault from an insecure partner who feels threat
ened by the “intruder”.
• The chances of miscarriage are high in such battered women.
• Many men who abuse their partners, also abuse their children/step
• Children from abusive homes have a propensity toperpetuate the cycle
of violence as adults
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