Mastic Beach Residents Vote to Dissolve Village

_DSC0016_DSC0043_DSC0055_DSC0075_DSC0083_DSC0099_DSC0100• Story and photo by Steven Danielson

All eyes were on the residents of Mastic Beach and it’s vote of destiny. Passions were inflated high on both sides of the issue whether-or-not to keep Mastic Beach a village. It all boiled down to money and the cost of running the village, and for most, it was unaffordable and unsatisfactory.
People who supported the village and opposed the village were on opposite sides of the street in a hotly debated issue with bullhorns blasting their deeply seated beliefs in their cause. Other news media were there such as News 12 and Verizon News to record the showdown and to get statements from both sides of the battle. “Tonight, we hope people recognize the value to have local control,” says Frank Fugarino, who hoped the village would continue in its local control and cleanup issues. Some can be heard chanting “Get your slumlords here,” implying the village is needed to clean up negligent landlords. The other side had statements like “This village was based on lies and it’s time to go,” says Jenifer Lucas. Chants like ”Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” can be heard from the people holding up red signs saying “Yes Dissolve the Village”. MBPOA member Catherine Kobasiuk also stated “Six years ago, they sold us a bill of goods and it’s never been a real government.”
After the voting ended, residents anxiously waited outside the firehouse for the results, but the bubble burst and the hopes and dreams of keeping the village were dashed. For most others, though, a relief when the results finally came in after 10:30 PM. As it stands, the Village of Mastic Beach will dissolve and has just 180 days to finalize.

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