Town Demolishes Blighted, Abandoned House on Frowein Road in Center Moriches

Frowein Road 11-2-16Supervisor Ed Romaine (right) and Councilman Dan Panico (left) continued with the Town of Brookhaven’s crackdown on blighted properties with the demolition of 170 Frowein Road in Center Moriches. The house, which sat vacant for more than 10 years, had numerous violations of both Town and New York State Building and Fire Prevention Codes. It presented a public nuisance and a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the neighbors. The house was demolished in accordance with Chapter 73 of the Town Code which provides a “fast track” to rid neighborhoods of unsafe structures. The cost of demolition and debris removal is the responsibility of the property owner, and the town places a lien on the property that is then placed on the tax bill. The county reimburses the town and then they collect the money from the property owner.
Supervisor Romaine said, “A house like this one lowers the property values of nearby homes and has a detrimental impact on everyone in the neighborhood. I commend our Law and Building Departments for their efforts to remove this eyesore and their efforts to clean up neighborhoods throughout Town of Brookhaven.”
Councilman Panico said, “Local government is all about quality of life and nothing improves quality of life for our residents like the demolition of unsafe and unsightly homes. I am proud to lead the effort towards a cleaner, safer Brookhaven.”

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