Middle School Students Take a Stand for the Silent

Middle School Students Stand for the SilentAs part of Longwood Middle School’s year-long anti-bullying initiative, fifth and sixth-grade students welcomed back featured speaker Kirk Smalley from Stand for the Silent.
Mr. Smalley’s presentation is direct and forceful, personal and heart-wrenching. At only eleven-years-old, his son Ty took his own life after being suspended from school. Ty had retaliated against a bully that had been harassing him for more than two years.
Today, Mr. Smalley travels the country to honor a promise he made on the first Father’s Day after his son’s death; to stop bullying around the world. Since May 2010, Kirk Smalley has visited more than 1,000 schools and presented to more than 1,000,000 children, adults and faculty about the grueling reality of bullying, and saved countless lives.
“This presentation really connects with our students,” said Middle School Principal Dr. Tracy Adams.
“I explained to the students that Mr. Smalley is extremely brave to come and share his personal experience about the effects of bullying, and to not only listen with their ears, but to listen with their hearts. Many of our students were extremely moved, and we hope that his message will stay with them for a lifetime.”

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