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MC_Professional_PicturesmmmmAs you enjoy the fifth and last language of love of children, I hope you now have a broader understanding of the way children exist in a “grown-up” world.


• Help your child practice for a sports team, such as pitch and catch for baseball or shooting free throws for basketball.
• Sit down and actually help your child with their homework.
• For school age children actually help them select their outfit for the day.
• When your child is sick, go the extra step by setting up their favorite movie, reading them stories or making their favorite soup.
• Connect your child with a friend of yours who can help them in an area of interest, such as sports, dance or playing an instrument.
• Start a birthday dinner tradition where you always make your child any meal they want.
• Make flash-cards for your child’s upcoming test; working with them until they know the material.
• Make a list of several of your child’s favorite things to do, then when they least expect it, pull from this list.
• Begin teaching your child the importance of helping others through regular involvement together in a local community group.
• Help your child in fixing a favorite broken toy or bike. Simply taking the time to repair it communicates love to a child whose love language is acts of service.
Parenting is a service-oriented vocation. The day you found out you were going to be a parent, you enrolled for full-time service. Your contract called for a minimum of eighteen years of service with an understanding that you would be on “active reserve” for many years after that.
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