by Barbara Guarino Kruk

Unlike humans, creatures from the animal world only kill for survival. By their natural instincts they hunt to eat, feed their young and to defend their territory. Tigers, the largest of the cat family, live solitary lives, but can be fiercely protective of their females and their young. They are extremely territorial about their home. Keen hunters, good swimmers these large beautiful animals, were nearly at extinction up to the past decade, then animal conservancy groups stepped in to protect them from their only enemy-man.
Christopher A. Lee was only thirty-seven when he left this world. He had been struggling for some time with his illness but kept the details from his family. He never wanted to burden or worry them about his illness. He was never married but loved being with his family and friends.
Chris was dedicated to his job as a custodian with the Center Moriches School District where he worked for the past seventeen years. A jovial young man who was kind and helpful, he had many friends on and off the job. He loved his job and rarely missed a day at work.
He loved going down to the beach and spent many hours during the warmer months walking along the sand. It was here that he found his peace in the tranquility of the waves and the outdoors.
There were a few things Chris truly loved; his family and tigers. Much like the Tigers he admired and studied, Chris was a physically big man with an even bigger heart. Never having married and no children, Chris treated his nieces and nephews like they were his own children. One of his nephews suffers from muscular dystrophy. Every year starting in the early spring, Chris would patiently and lovingly take the boy on walks. They forged an unbreakable bond. He was a kind man; generous with his time and talents.
In the short time that Christopher A. Lee walked this earth, the big man, with the heart of a tiger, left a lasting impression on all those he touched and will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
Christopher A. Lee, died on October 8, 2016 after a short, but difficult fight with his illness at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital. Chris was born in Long Beach, New York and worked for the past seventeen years as a custodian for the Center Moriches School District. He enjoyed going to the beach, being outdoors and watching race cars. He had a special interest in tigers. He is survived by his father Bruce and was the loving brother to Jose, Jimmy, Matt, Liz and Lena. Family and friends were received at Roma Funeral Home where wake prayers were conducted by St. Jude’s RC Church. Interment took place at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Center Moriches.

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