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SpeakingYour-Childs-Love-Language1smmmSPEAKING YOUR CHILD’S LOVE LANGUAGE –
We are on week four of the series of speaking your child’s love language!
By the end of the series, hopefully, you should be able to identify what language your child speaks!

• Keep a small collection of inexpensive gifts packed away for your child. Then give them one at a time as you sense there is a need.
• Carry snacks or small candies you can give out as a “treat” when away from home.
• Start a collection of unique gift boxes and wrapping papers than can be used to package even the most simple of presents.
• When away from home mail a small package to your child with their name on it.
• Be on the lookout for personalized gifts with your child’s name on them. Save them for a rainy or difficult day as an encouraging surprise.
• Give your child a “song,” either one you make up or a special song you select that reminds you of them.
• Make after school snacks memorable by serving them on a special plate.
• Hide a small gift in your child’s lunchbox.
• Consider a gift that lasts, such as a tree you can plant together or a board game you can play together in the future.
• Buy your child a special ring or necklace to wear that is just from you.
• For young children, find “nature gifts” such as wildflowers or special stones wrapped in a special paper or box.
• Instead of spending money on a large gift for a birthday, host a birthday party at a special event location.
• Give hints leading toward a special upcoming gift. A “count-down” of notes such as, “only four more days until present day,” helps create huge anticipation and a tremendous amount of love for those who especially enjoy receiving gifts.
• Keep a chart and some fun stickers to keep record of accomplishments. Reward your child with a gift after a set number of stickers are earned.
The giving and receiving of gifts can be a powerful expression of love, at the time they are given and often extending into later years. The most meaningful gifts become symbols of love, and those that truly convey love are part of a love language.
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