VETERANSsmCounty Clerk Update by Suffolk County  Clerk Judy Pascale

Suffolk County Clerk Judith A. Pascale would like to remind all veterans, especially those returning from abroad, to file a copy of their DD-214 (military discharge papers) with the Suffolk County Clerk.
“Very often veterans are required to submit DD-214 papers when they apply for certain benefits. By filing their papers with the County Clerk, veterans are assured that a permanent record exists in the event their original DD-214 is misplaced, destroyed or needed by their family,” commented Suffolk County Clerk Pascale.
At the time of filing, a copy of the original must be presented along with a current mailing address. The County Clerk’s office will return the original, issue a convenient identification card and two certified copies free of charge to the veteran. Additionally, all filed discharge papers are sealed from public view, but available to the veteran and his/her next of kin. A DD-214 can be filed at any time after separation from the armed forces.
In Suffolk County, veterans may be eligible for numerous service related programs. Most notably is a reduction in their county, and sometimes town property taxes based on the type of service they rendered to their country in wartime.
Additionally, a DD-214 is required and must be submitted for other programs including Social Security benefits, Veterans Administration services, Civil Service testing, and replacement medals. For a better understanding of all the services available to veterans within Suffolk County, individuals should contact the Suffolk County Veterans Services Agency at (631) 853-VETS (8387).

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